Does anyone know of a weed killer that is non-toxic to dogs?

Answer I know this sounds crazybut....boiling water. Pour it on at the base of the weed. I have 2 dogs and have that very same concern. I boil a big pot of water and then take a 4 cup glass measuring c... Read More »

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Can dogs get cancer from weed killer?

I suspect that stuff is far more dangerous than any benefit that might come from it. Personally, I hate the stuff - I spend a couple hours a week popping weeds out of the grass during the spring an... Read More »

Can you combine weed killer and lawn insect killer and apply both to your lawn?

Answer You can, but you might want to check with a garden store before you do because you can cause problems by mixing certain chemicals. They might have something already made for that purpose."A... Read More »

Non Toxic DIY Mold Killer?

Mold will grow anywhere in your house that's warm and damp, especially places like the shower and garage. Some people are allergic to mold, but breathing mold spores is bad for you even if you aren... Read More »

Can you use weed killer on new sod?

You can use selective weed killer on new sod; however, if your new lawn has major weed problems, you should explore this with the supplying sod farm. A pre-emergent herbicide should have been used ... Read More »