Does anyone know of a way to get rid of flies without using spray I need a solution which is kid safe?

Answer fly swatter

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What is the solution to the problem of flies?

first of all the reason flies stick around in a certain area is more then half the time because there isn't a lot of air circulation. try getting the air moving where you have the fly problem and t... Read More »

Insect Spray & Flies?

The common house fly is not just an annoying pest. It can spread disease and illness through your house, and if you keep animals, through your stables and barns. Dysentery and food poisoning are co... Read More »

Bug Spray for Indoor Fruit Flies?

Insects that make their way into homes can run the gamut from the beneficial and harmless to the downright deadly. Fruit flies belong to the former category; they are not harmful to humans or anima... Read More »

Can I spray a chili powder water solution on my vegetable plants?

Its totally fine. I would get some habenero or jalapeno peppers, (habenero might be too hot for your cat) cut them up, and soak them in rubbing alcohol for a couple days. strain out the pieces an... Read More »