Does anyone know of a good, full coverage, cruelty free concealer?

Answer I'm in the same boat as you, urban decays concealer was okaybut kind of wasn't enough coverage I mean it's good for pimples but my main problem is under eye circles and it didn't do as wel... Read More »

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If you have full coverage do you need UMPD coverage or will full coverage suffice if you are hit by an uninsured driver?

Answer you dont have to have umpd coverage if you have full coverage but most of the time on full coverage it has umpd and if you dont have umpd your collision will pay for fixing your vehicle but ... Read More »

If you cancel full coverage on a financed vehicle and transfer it as a gift will the new owner be required to get full coverage on the car?

%DETAILS% Answer You cannot transfer the title while the lender has a lien on it and they will NOT release the lien until the loan is paid off. They will also NOT allow any names on the title that... Read More »

What cruelty free makeup is eally good?

Barry M. And LUSH is exquisite if you live in the UK. Good luck

How old should a truck be when it is logical to drop from full coverage to only having PLPD coverage?