Does anyone know if this sounds like a scam?

Answer Absolutely nothing on their website give proper contact information - no phone number, no street address - nothing. That raises all sorts of red flags. I would not trust them for anything....Their ... Read More »

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This sounds like a scam...?

Does anyone know anyone taking 1000 mg metformin twice a day Sounds like a lot to me. What side affects?

I don't know anyone taking that dose.My father used to take that dose, he was a non-compliant diabetic, but he died earlier this year, from the complications caused by being a non-compliant diabeti... Read More »

Does anyone know of the online lottery I keep getting e-mails that I have won. is this just a scam?

How can you ever win a cash prize, when you have not even bought the 'online ticket' in the first place ? This is one of the oldest scams on the World Wide Web !Forward the scam e-mail that you hav... Read More »

Does anyone know where i can buy a phone like this...?

try here:…or here:…Keep in mind that no matter the condition the phone is in, they really don't work effectively... Read More »