Does anyone know if this is legit?

Answer It's a SCAM going around Facebook. Delete it. There is NO Facebook Yearly Promo and Facebook NEVER gives away money

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Does anyone know the legit name of those "fluff thing" guest sleepers?

A feather bed? They're supposed to go on top of your mattress to make it soft and warm. Like this:

Does anyone know work from home that is through the government or just legit nofees at all?

Currently, I'm working at home. So that you can see for youself. My website is I've tried several home base businesses from MaryKay to the Herbalife. I've wasted soo much m... Read More »

Anyone heard of IP6 Does anyone know the long term side effects of using this supplement.?

IP-6 does have some Iron-binding properties, but Iron and IP-6 shouldn't be taken at the same time to start with as IP-6 should be taken on an empty stomach while Iron should be taken with food. If... Read More »

Anyone know where I could buy glow in the dark eyeliner and mascara from a legit site?

I was looking for the same thing and came across this site:…It has mascara of some sort, not sure if it's glow in the dark or not though, and I suppose i... Read More »