Does anyone know if smoking pot make you paranoid?

Answer It does make some people paranoid....depending on how much they smoke, what sort of a mood they are in, how it is grown etc.It's a natural and in moderation is enjoyable......Try typing in Marijuan... Read More »

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Does anyone know the best way to give up smoking?

There is no easy way to stop smoking but everyone will have their own best way to stop smoking. There are steps you can take when you're getting ready to give up smoking. And the more prepared you ... Read More »

Does anyone know a good way to quit smoking tobacco?

This is a tough one my friend. I’d like to say that it’s easy and all that good stuff, but as I’m sure your aware, it’s not. I have just recently quit smoking and using smokeless tobacco si... Read More »

Has anyone ever actually quit smoking I do not know of anyone who.....?

Quitting smoking is extremely difficult. The withdrawl makes us not want to, but we know the risks and we know that they are not worth it. For anyone who wants to end their nicotine addiction, chec... Read More »

Up to how much can a special agent for the secret service make I you know it differs from location but does anyone know around the amount of base salary it goes up to?

Allen something and William something I need the last names for a school project, but i can't find it