Does anyone know if smoking pot make you paranoid?

Answer It does make some people paranoid....depending on how much they smoke, what sort of a mood they are in, how it is grown etc.It's a natural and in moderation is enjoyable......Try typing in Marijuan... Read More »

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I'm so paranoid please help?

It is usually okay for someone to be a little paranoid when something bad has happened, but if it is not close to you or if nonthing like that have like that where u have lived it is most likely no... Read More »

Should I get plan b or am I just paranoid? also take a pregnacy test and next time use protection

Help Paranoid/Scared?

Relax! You are ok. I have gotten henna (black and orange) many times before. Even though you had it on for 5 hours you are still fine. The tattoo will last for about 2 weeks maybe a little bit more... Read More »

Paranoid about driving?

I don't understand the last sentence? it sounds like if you hit someone but you weren't sure of it, then you'd go in reverse to run them over again just to be sure you actually hit someone?