Does anyone know if patients are allowed to use laptops in the hospital?

Answer You can take it to the hospital and use it. Just be careful it doesn't get stolen. Hospitals usually have WIFI for patients

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Are patients in hospital allowed to use their iPads?

Yes.Last time I was a patient in hospital I was asked to complete a survey of the care I received and that was given to me on an iPad. I also carried one with me on ward rounds and frequently see p... Read More »

Does anyone know of a Private Hospital in Woodbridge Ontario?

Canada's universal healthcare system pays for all medically-necessary healthcare.To keep patients from being ripped off, it's illegal to bill patients for any medically-necessary care that's covere... Read More »

Does anyone know why I'm not allowed to donate blood?

I adore you dear friend.I was given nitro once and I thought my head would explode.My drug of choice is Adenosine, when I am tachy that is a wonder drug. When I was pregnant I couldn't get it and ... Read More »

Does anyone know when the next line of Alienware laptops will release?

I'm sorry, but I just can't resist. Yes they look great, yes the hardware is usually pretty good, however the fact remains they're overpriced (they're the Macs of Windows PCs except the OS is actua... Read More »