Does anyone know if it is possible to get a webcam to scan barcodes?

Answer Hi Misty.It appears it can be done but as to how easy/effective it is I can’t say as I have no need of a barcode reader. There seem to be a number of way’s but the one I think may suit you is f... Read More »

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Does anyone know of a free virus scan that i can run?

Sirefef is a well known rootkit.It will infect a system file or the MBR. It is extremely clever. It changes regularly, to avoid deletion. The fact you have no virus scanner is staggering. It may ha... Read More »

Does anyone know the best anti virus scan FREE?

I have been using AVG for 2 years now and not paid a penny.

Does anyone know any free scan&fix to remove a tuff trojan?

AVG is good. You can also find recommendations on your computers security center located on Control Panel.Good Luck!!!

Does anyone know, when you scan a document how do you open it back up to type on it ?

You can not open a scanned document to just type on it. A scanned document is in essence an image, like a photo of the original.You can create a second copy of the original text document and use th... Read More »