Does anyone know if it is possible to get a webcam to scan barcodes?

Answer Hi Misty.It appears it can be done but as to how easy/effective it is I can’t say as I have no need of a barcode reader. There seem to be a number of way’s but the one I think may suit you is f... Read More »

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How to Read Barcodes With a Webcam and Katanshi Barcode Reader?

Do you own a webcam as well as Katanshi Bar-code Reader Software? If you do, you can read bar-codes. Learn how to use this software and your webcam after reading and following the directions in thi... Read More »

How can I scan barcodes through my PC?

No, because such prices are in a database somewhere. Heck, you can probably do a database yourself. :) I've done it with Access before. But it's up to you to get a barcode scanner.

Whats in barcodes & how is it available to scan?

Bar codes are like a binary code to explain in simple terms, A scanner will be able to decode it based on the pattern of lines based on their width. This is type of pattern in a one dimensional bar... Read More »

What software should i use to scan and inventory barcodes?

Schools are usually equipped with Microsoft Office super-pack thing that has every program Microsoft has ever thought about making on there. Check to see if the computers have Microsoft Access, thi... Read More »