Does anyone know if a cure for hickups that works ugh!?

Answer Get a spoon full of sugar and some water, preferably room temperature. Toss the sugar in your mouth and rinse it down with the water. Try to get it more in your throat so less dissolves on your ton... Read More »

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Does anyone know anybody that works for at&t that could get me an unlisted number?

no, you gotta do that them on Monday and order a unlisted number....its not free!!

Does anyone know if that 'Rabbit jack' for your computer really works?

Does anyone know where to get a free virus scanner that works on really old computers I've tried so many and?

AVG is not the best and it won't detect the more recent viruses. AVAST is the correct one to use. What you need to do is open AVAST and select "BOOT SCAN".It will automatically reboot and scan your... Read More »

Does anyone know how to cure a hangover?

Alka seltzer, lots of it. Plenty of cold water.