Does anyone know how to smoke a cigarette?

Answer k, thanks for the 2 pts. ;]

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Does cigarette smoke activate a smoke detector?

Contrary to popular belief, a smoke detector is not normally activated by cigarette smoke unless it is highly concentrated; the smoke usually has to come from many smokers simultaneously or be blow... Read More »

Do anyone know why my smoke detector goes off and yet there is no smoke nor fire in the house?

It does it just to tick you off! It probably likes to do it the most around 3AM. Am I right? All joking aside...The most common cause of nuisance alarms on home smoke detectors is dust. I would... Read More »

How does it feel to smoke a cigarette?

The first one, you usually just cough until you feel dizzy and like you're coughing a lung out.The next few and it’s a little easier, but you still get dizzy.The next few and you start looking fo... Read More »

Does cigarette smoke cause spots?

On One Hand: On Your BodyProlonged use of cigarettes can lead to skin problems. Studies have shown that people who smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day for at least a decade develop more wrinkles an... Read More »