Does anyone know how to safely clean a Computer Screen?

Answer I use eyeglass lens cleaner. You can buy it at wal-mart. It's not very expensive at all. It comes in a bottle that and sprays a very fine mist. Then I use a soft, clean, cotton or silk clothe. Klee... Read More »

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How do I clean the computer screen safely?

Hi BlueUse windex.. It will not harn the monitor whatsoever.

Black screen after just got building my computer. Does anyone know why?

Clicking sound from hard drive not good.....hard drives click when they are faulty. The Read/Write head could be hitting the platters inside, the motor that spins the platters could be worn, the pl... Read More »

Does anyone know if a HP Deskjet 3-in-1 printer will hook up to a flat screen Dell computer?

Of course it will, as long as your computer (no matter what kind) has a usb port. Ask Dell or HP, they'll tell ya all the details

Everything on my computer screen is gone huge... anyone out there know why and/or how to fix it?

Right click on an empty space on the desktop.Click on Properties.Click on Settings.Increase the resolution.Click on Apply.See it thats the right one, if its not, adjust it again, if it is, click Ok.