Does anyone know how to meditate without reading all those books?

Answer Yes.Meditation is simply being with a focused mind, it can take any form, but why do they always tell you to sit down take some breaths, count breaths let go of your thoughts etc etc etc.It's becau... Read More »

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Does anyone know the legit name of those "fluff thing" guest sleepers?

A feather bed? They're supposed to go on top of your mattress to make it soft and warm. Like this:

Does anyone know what this EKG reading means?

The EKG results picked up delayed left ventricle contraction. This can be a symptom of several different heart problems. Maybe they need to follow up with additional testing to determine the cau... Read More »

Does anyone know what date those pictures were taken on google earth.?

They`re quite old, the one I looked at in France showed theNormandy landings.

Does anyone know where i can get some wood necklaces like those at but for a cheaper price.?

Being honest here, go on eBay and search up Good Wood.I got some from there and they are legit with the words Good Wood on the back. I got one of the better ones (the panda style).If you're not a u... Read More »