Does anyone know how to hook up multiple computers to one printer?

Answer You need a print serverfor example, look at the first couple items on this search…you can pick one up for $40-$60 and they are very easy to hook upThere ar... Read More »

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Does anyone know if a HP Deskjet 3-in-1 printer will hook up to a flat screen Dell computer?

Of course it will, as long as your computer (no matter what kind) has a usb port. Ask Dell or HP, they'll tell ya all the details

How do you hook up 2 computers to one (1) printer?

Hook it to one or the other and share it over the network.Hook it to a desktop most likely to be on.Computer Repairman

Does anyone know a lot about computers and cameras?

You may have an issue with the hardware on your computer. From what you stated it seems that the SD memory card slot in your computer is not reading that there is a card in it. That is what trigg... Read More »

Does anyone know how touch screen computers work?

depends on the type of touch screen :…