Does anyone know how to get faster at typing?

Answer Practice and in time, you'll get better. I only type about 55 wmp but I used to be terrible, I think I was only like in the 20's or not even.

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Does anyone one know where i can download a word program for typing on my computer for free?

i second the open office thing. i belive it is

Does anyone know any way to make your hair grow a lot faster?

As weird as it may sound... horse shampoo and conditioner. It honestly does work great, and most people at my school are using it now. You can get it at Walgreens, Meijer, Walmart, almost anywhere.

Does anyone know how to REALLY make your computer faster besides scanning it?

"defrag" it ...... defragmentation,windows

Does anyone else find typing in full capitals annoying?

i had my bike nicked today......but people writing in BLOODY capitals...