Does anyone know how to format a floppy disk to around 2mb?

Answer Hi There:In the early days of computer games, the companies would try to copy protect the floppies by using " DOS " type, low level, commands to create disks which would " read " on a standard flo... Read More »

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How to Format a Floppy Disk?

Ever wondered how to format those floppy disks for use with your computer? Here's how!

How to Format a Floppy Disk in DOS?

Although rarely used in the computing industry today, floppy disks provide a convenient way to store small files such as pictures and documents. Such disks were widely used before Microsoft release... Read More »

What happens when you format a floppy disk?

Floppy disks are an older form of digital storage for computers and are capable of storing up to 1.44 MB of data. Floppy disks can be formatted to clear all data from them and restore them to thei... Read More »

Does anyone know how to format a harde drive?

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