Does anyone know how to download a clip from youtube?

Answer Use this, just copy the link (URL) of the video on youtube on the Toolbar, Select the format and site. Click to download, waiting to convert the video page, th... Read More »

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Does anyone know how to download songs from youtube?

Very easy way is to copy the url from the video (the http:/ address) and go to Click on Convert - and paste the url into the box shown. From the drop down list choose the fo... Read More »

Does anyone know where I can download the sound clip Battle Stations or General Quarters?

Anyone know if you can download from video’s youtube, and if yes, how?

My favorite is VideoGetting ( Its web basedii) Convert youtube videos real timeiii) Make available downloads immediatelyiv) Can convert for Windows/Mac/iPod/iPh... Read More »

Does anyone know a website where I can download legal music to use on YouTube videos?

If you wanna be totally legit, then use music played by a military band (automatically in the public domain) or search for music in the public domain.