Does anyone know how to deter grey heron eating all the fish in a garden pond?

Answer Plastic herons are not very effective.Small guage netting works, but only if it is raised about 30 cm (1 foot) above the water's surface and sufficiently strong and well enough supported to repel a... Read More »

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What Can You Put in a Koi Pond to Deter Animals From Eating the Fish?

Koi are Japanese carp that bred for their beautiful colors. Koi ponds add a tranquil and beautiful ornament to home gardens and business landscapes. Although humans do not raise koi for food, koi... Read More »

How to Add Fish to a Garden Pond?

Before you can add fish to a garden pond you have to create a stable pond environment. A stable pond environment is one in which water quality parameters naturally resist change. Plants and wildlif... Read More »

Can I use limestone in a garden fish pond?

Limestone can be used in garden ponds, but it may raise the pH in some ponds, which is not good for plants or fish. Adding peat or sphagnum moss can help balance out the pH. Another option is to us... Read More »

How to Deter Chipmunks From Eating Flowers?

Chipmunks are cute and generally harmless animals. However, in their quest for food they can damage flowers and flower bulbs. There are several methods garden owners can use to protect their plants... Read More »