Does anyone know how to add the T-One Option to your tool bar in Excel 2003?

Answer The "T-One" option is not something that is available with any version of MS-Excel. That is not a standard menu choice.Apparently, your instructions are based upon installing an ADD-IN (or some ot... Read More »

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Anyone know how to work with excel using vba in outlook 2003?

Getting to the Visual Basic Editor from within a Microsoft Office application only requires you to use the shortcut key combination of ALT+F11. Once there, you can use the menu selection of TOOLS ... Read More »

Does anyone know a very good free pc app or tool to listen to live police scanner?

Depends on what mobile OS you are asking for. If for iPhone, you can search the app store. If for android, search Google Play. A good one that I have heard about is the 5-0 scanner app.

Does anyone know if I can find a music tool like the one they used to have in coke studios?

There are several music and song creation/manipulation applications available for download, and quite a few are FREE. Just do a quick Google search using the following keywords: music maker soft... Read More »

Does anyone know the Microsoft Excel keyboard sequence to invoke the secret built in flight simulator?

Such things are know as "Easter Eggs" in software programs. There are several "Easter Eggs" hidden within the Microsoft Office applications. And they will vary from version to version.If you want... Read More »