Does anyone know how much does 1GB pendrive cost?

Answer 1100.

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When I went to buy a pendrive,the shop keeper said his pendrive are all Flash drive,?

Pen Drive/Flash Drive/Thumb Drive are all USB flash memory drives. Those names are just branding by companies.Jet Flash is another brand by the company Transcend. They come with a lifetime warranty... Read More »

What is mean by pendrive?

It is a memory device like floppy, CD etc which can be inserted through USB port. It's plug and play in windows XP.the capacity of a pen drive normally ranges from 128 KB to 2 GB.

Problem with pendrive?

shortcut creating virus can be removed with Quick heal or kaspersky anti-virus only. Other are not very successful.

Problem in my new pendrive?

You can't put a file larger then 4GB on a FAT32 driveYou need to reformat the drive as NTFSRight click the drive in my computer, and click format. Change the drop down from FAT32 to NTFS. Then you'... Read More »