Does anyone know how much a carrera 400 watt receiver is worth?

Answer depending on how old it is anywhere from 25-150

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I know it's a long shot but does anyone own a Packard Bell Digital TV receiver TCX 170?

Even the user manual does not say:…You can try calling them up and get a replacement.

Does anyone know if braces hurt and is it worth getting made fun of?

How much is my Harman Kardon AVR-520 receiver worth if I try to sell it?

I'd say about half what you paid for it would be a fair starting point. I think they listed around $1000 and could be had for $800 or so. Perhaps $400

How do you know if your fixture is 60 watt or 100 watt?

The maximum wattage and bulb style is required to be affixed to the fixture adjacent to or directly on the socket. If the label has peeled away, then you would have to take an educated guess. For... Read More »