Does anyone know how much a carrera 400 watt receiver is worth?

Answer depending on how old it is anywhere from 25-150

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Can I use a 120 watt flourescent bulb (32 watt draw) in a maximum 60-watt incandescent light fixture?

The rating of the fixture is simply to limit the current that you put on it. If you have a fluorescent bulb that is drawing less current (32W) than the rating of the fixture (60W), there is no pro... Read More »

How do you hook up Direct TV satellite to a surround sound system with 1000 watt receiver?

The following explaination is all well and good, but the main reason that you can't use a single LNB by itself and connect two receivers together to it is because the LNB switches between either th... Read More »

How much is my Harman Kardon AVR-520 receiver worth if I try to sell it?

I'd say about half what you paid for it would be a fair starting point. I think they listed around $1000 and could be had for $800 or so. Perhaps $400

If i install a 350 watt graphic card on a 450 watt smps power supply. will it work?

It'll work but the problem is, your PSU will work FULLON to provide the power at high rate and will draw more power from the Ac board :)When you doing some high game play or video editingso the pos... Read More »