Does anyone know how long it take a calcanus stress bruise to heal?

Answer so sorry to hear about the struggles you are facing. There is much research around Whole Body Vibration that addresses the healing times, osteoporosis, etc. Maybe there is a center in your area tha... Read More »

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How long does it take a bruise to heal?

How long does it take for a bone bruise to heal?

On One Hand: A Few DaysA bone bruise occurs when there is bleeding under the fibrous periosteum, the outer covering of bone. If the bleeding is minimal, the body will simply reabsorb the fluid and ... Read More »

How Long does a bruise under your toe nail take to heal?

The bruise has probably healed by now, but when you get a bruise under your nail it stains the nail. You will just have to wait for the toe nail to grow out. The small white spot is probably a li... Read More »

What can i do to heal my bruise?

well if heat doesn't work, maybe ice will do it. my mom got one of those after a nurse was "having fun" searching her vain for like 5 minutes. but hers didn't get as bad as yours, and it just went ... Read More »