Does anyone know how i can make salsa like the Mexican restaurant's make?

Answer the key to a thin mexican restraunt style sauce is that they use tomatoe sauce not whole tomatoes. and the ingredients they put in are cooked together and pureed. i put jalepenos (the heat is in th... Read More »

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Do you know of any chain restaurants that make exotic mexican food?

I'm pretty sure bat is an Italian dish.Get back to work and stop daydreaming about me!!

Does anyone know how to make ham and cheese tea biscuits like the ones they sell at Tim Hortons?

just make normal cookies but replace sugar and anything sweet with something salty. + your cheese and ham sliced in small pieces. got this one s... Read More »

Does anyone know how to make a website, like a real website?

www.piczo.comBut it will be like www.(yourwebsitename).piczo.comSo the .piczo will always be thereIf u want it jsut to be .com you ahve to pay for it

Anyone know where I can make a party invitation in a capsule like this?

I was also looking up how to make these. This is the only information I could find. I might just try glitter or glitter with letter initials of the event I'm thinking of making it for. http://www.e... Read More »