Does anyone know how i can get my sister to stop playing her violin?

Answer Suggestion: Tell your mother you have a heck load of homework and a test tomorrow and its distracting....OR... Destroy her violin. Be careful not to leave evidence

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Does Anyone Know Any Polkas That Could Be Played On The Violin?

Too fat polkaBeer Barrel polkaPennsylvania polka.

My sister broke my camera by dropping it and spilling a drink on it, does anyone know a way to fix it?

Getting the camera repaired will be costly. Either have your sister pay for it or buy a new one and recycle the camera. Note that Manufacturers Warranties will NOT cover obvious signs of abuse, s... Read More »

Does anyone know how to stop a squeaky door?

You must find that mouse and let him loose outside....Silicon works great!WD-40 will do the trick...(drives out moisture)Light weight oil is old fasioned but will workCrisco or lard if one is a shu... Read More »

Does anyone know how to stop or ease toothache its driving me mad.?

**** READ THIS **** Thats great, Im sure your reading these answers and thinking yea yea yea I already took pain meds and they are not working and I dont have cloves and I am in pain right? Well go... Read More »