Does anyone know how I can delete unwanted websites from my address bar .?

Answer Go to tools at top of page then go to internet options then go to clear history then click OK

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How do I delete unwanted websites from my homepage list?

Google ChromeOpen Google Chrome. Select the wrench-shaped button in the upper right corner. Click on "Options: Choose the "Basics" Tab. In the Start-up section, select "Open the Following Pages." S... Read More »

How do I delete the visited websites address bar?

Locate your browser's history log, usually located in the "Tools" menu at the top of the browser window.Once there, click "Clear History," "Erase History" or the equivalent command for your browser... Read More »

How to Block Unwanted Websites in Internet Explorer?

Most, if not all web browsers allow users the option of blocking specific uniform resource locators (URL). If you are a parent and your children have access to a home computer, blocking specific we... Read More »

How do i block unwanted websites in internet explorer?

Open IE OptionsOpen Internet Explorer, click "Tools" and then choose "Internet Options." An options window will appear.Click on the "Privacy" tab, click "Sites," type any web address into the text ... Read More »