Does anyone know any quick remedies for a blister problem?

Answer You need to get some padding for blisters. Don't place the padding directly on the blisters, but cut a circle out the middle and place the dough-nut shape ring around the blister. I wouldn't burs... Read More »

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My best friend has chronic heartburn- does anyone know any quick remedies?

Easy.Get him to eat some REALLY spicy food.Then, rub some chicken gall on his finger and stick it to the back of his throat. This will make him gag, and hopefully, bring out the hot food and his he... Read More »

I have a really bad sore throat, it hurts when i swallow...anyone know any quick remedies to help sooth it?

Hot tea with some honey in it. Also try gargling with salt water to kill any bacteria that may be causing the sore throat.

Hi does anyone know of a quick way to unclog a shower drain from hair without drainoLike a quick home fix?

get some drain cleaner that works with emzines, this does not work fast, may take several applications, but it will not hurt the pipes, and, eventually, will solve the problem. Treat periodically ... Read More »

Does anyone know of any natural remedies for nausea?

Ginger. Even Ginger snaps sometime help. Good luck.