Does anyone know any night clubs in the Santa Cruz area that are 18 and over?

Answer You will probably have to check on line for a list of restaurants in that area.

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Under 18 clubs in San Jose or Santa Cruz(i know category isn't in the right place)?

Those simply do not exist. There are clubs that are usually 21+ that will let 18 to 20 year old people in on Sunday's and Saturdays.Unless your Definition of "club" is different then mine. Then try... Read More »

Does anyone know any punk/rock/goth clubs in the Boston area?

The Paradise is 18+. Also I have good luck using Yelp for questions like this:…

Anyone know any good straight night clubs in Houston, Tx?

Sure I know of plenty but what type of music do you prefer? What side of town? Give me a little feedback & I'll try to help you.

Does anyone know of clubs or lounges in brooklyn or queens that i could use to throw my own event?

Nobody in Brooklyn or Queens is going to be willing to do that for free. That is their business and they have to make money. They have a lot of people to pay to run a business and they aren't going... Read More »