Does anyone know any keyboard shortcuts?

Answer is an entire list of shortcuts.

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Does anyone use the keyboard shortcuts for Wikipedia?

I'd say most people don't. Some people almost forget about the existence of the keyboard. But I would imagine that some of the nutjobs who spend 36-hour (unpaid) shifts on Wikipedia probably do lea... Read More »

Does anyone know how many keys on a keyboard?

Does anyone know a keyboard shortcut to strike through text in Word ?

I don't think there is any, but you can put a button on your menus to do the same thing.In Word versions prior to Word 2007 (Vista):1. Right-click on any menu and select Customize.2. Click the Comm... Read More »

On my keyboard the letters f and jj each have a raised line does anyone know why?

I think its for blind people to help them centre their hands on the keyboard