Does anyone know any home treatment for broken ribs?

Answer Yeah take a baseball bat to the guy that did it !

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Treatment for cracked or broken ribs?

I really don't know if this is pure coincidence but as I found some time to spare right now, on a saturday evening, the first question I happen to come accross is YOURS ! I am an Orthopedic consult... Read More »

What is usual treatment for broken ribs?

There really is no treatment except ice it and take it easy. In more severe cases pain meds may be prescribed.---------------------------- Added by Doczee: Along with Broken Ribs comes the Extrem... Read More »

Has anyone heard of a hospital not wrapping broken ribs?

Wrapping ribs has been proven to lead to worse things nowadays. My father in law broke a few of them 2 years ago and wasn't wrapped. It was a good 3 months before he felt better, yet still sore.

Does anyone know about Cancer Treatment Centers Of America?

This is part of my answer to the other CTCA question asked by someone else this AM.First off, there are no secret cancer treatments that are only available at CTCA so when looking for a cancer trea... Read More »