Does anyone know any good ways to drink southern comfort?

Answer I like it with ginger aleCheers!

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What kind of people drink Southern Comfort?

Anyone with good tastes. SoCo mixes well with a lot of stuff, you can do a lot of exotic cocktails with it.

Anyone know any really good natural ways to get to sleep at night?

I plan the day and make a 'bed-time' for myself, about an hour before I know when I will actually go to sleep. Lying in bed gets me relaxed and then if I am not tired, I close my eyes anyway and lo... Read More »

Anyone know any good ways to get rid of the rats that are digging their way into my chicken run?

goose, or we used to have a chinese silver pheasant, dayum he was a nasty bugger, excellent ratter

Does anyone know alternative ways to get rid of mice?

I use to have mice in my old flat - try an electronic repellent from B&Q / Homebase or similar (less than £10). It plugs into the mains and emits a high pitched noise that humans can't hear but th... Read More »