Does anyone know any easy crafts for pre-school children?

Answer Paints are great - keep in contained area and use those little smocksGluing anything to paper is always fun - use buttons, popsicles sticks, shapes they cut out from paper themselves (if appropriat... Read More »

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Does anyone know of any online encyclopdias, like Wikipedia, that are suitable for school children?

An interesting question.I've found some not-very-good ones in the past.Often, I've found, it's best to find individual websites for something of interest.There are search engines like www.yahookids... Read More »

Does anyone know any easy simple party appetizers?

White chocolate chex mixIngredients 3 c. Rice Chex3 c. Corn Chex3 c. Cheerios3 c. pretzels2 c. mixed nuts (optional)12 oz. M & M's1 lb. white chocolateMelt chocolate. Mix with Chex, Cheerios, pretz... Read More »

Does anyone know any fun and easy kids party games?

They have some adorable idea's on this website....…I happened to find it because I am also planning a party for my 2 year old daughter.

Does anyone know a good easy basic recipe?

mashed kippers, flour, milk , salt , butter mix into a pulp then make sausage shapes, lightly fry then thats it serve then sprinkle with fresh kipper scales! Enjoy your kipper dips! sent