Does anyone know any coffee shops open late in Seattle?

Answer Let's see... in/near the downtown area, there is:The Hurricane Cafe on 7th Ave. near the Elephant Car Wash. It's a greasy spoon diner that's open 24 hours.13 Coins on Denny halfway up to Capital H... Read More »

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Seattle Spy Shops?

There are many reasons to visit a spy shop. Perhaps you'd like to keep your home or business safe by installing a surveillance camera. Perhaps you'd like to keep an eye on that new babysitter you h... Read More »

Are there too many coffee shops?

Thirsty for more actually! It's convenient having one round the corner here and there. They employ lots of people and help farmers as well. Plus most coffee shops sell tea, as well as other bevvies... Read More »

Where are 24 coffee shops in Los Angeles?

Probably gas stations are open 24/hours.Some McDonalds that sell really good coffee are open 24/7Starbucks closes at 11pm (sometimes) and is always open at 5:00am

Are there any 24 hour coffee shops?

The 2 I can think of are Denny's and IHOPGood luck on your search.