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A relative of mine has had a BP reading of 250/150 and is concerned about heart. Does anyone know about this?

That person should be concerned about their heart, that reading is way too high for anyone - advise this relative to go to the doctor or hospial ASAP

Does anyone know about the Jessica Urben Emails It's about printing invoices and getting paid 1800 per month.?

I just got caught up in this mess and I have reported these scam emails to career builder and multiple other scam sites. This is a check scam dont do it!!! The Jessica girl doesnt exist and they se... Read More »

Does anyone know about a website? out I should be two grades ahead.

Does anyone know something about cars?

One of the wheel speed sensors is bad. You need a scan tool that can read ABS codes to find out which sensor it is. OBD II code readers will not work for ABS/traction control codes.