Does anyone know a website that can play lyrics typed?

Answer Hello,I found this program. I couldnt find anything as far as a website: Plugin is a piece of software tailored for music fans. To put it simply - it is an add-on ... Read More »

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If my friend typed something inappropriate into google and went on a bad website, can my parents find out?

Hi, I need to find out what word if typed in to google will only find one website?

I have seen this question asked before in tech blogs, to my knowledge, there is no answer yet.

How do you play the games on the BBC Doctor Who website?

Go to the BBC Doctor Who homepage, "", then you will see a bar at the top. Click on "games". There will be a list of games, all of which will have a "play" button.... Read More »

How to Start a Warrior Role Play Website?

Do you think, dream, and speak Warriors?! If this sounds like you, perhaps creating your own Warrior role-playing site is for you. Read this article to figure out how to go about creating your own ... Read More »