Does anyone know a quick Cure for a Cyatic Nerve?

Answer OUCH!! I did mine last weekend moving a couch!!! My lower back has never been the same since an epidural was put in the wrong part of my spine, so this is something I suffer from time to time with... Read More »

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My wife has a very badly trapped sciatic nerve, dose anyone know the best cure ?

It depends on her symptoms. If she is having severe neurologic deficits (foot drop, numbness in her groin, or loss of bowel or bladder function) then surgery may be indicated. If she is having pa... Read More »

Hi does anyone know of a quick way to unclog a shower drain from hair without drainoLike a quick home fix?

get some drain cleaner that works with emzines, this does not work fast, may take several applications, but it will not hurt the pipes, and, eventually, will solve the problem. Treat periodically ... Read More »

Nerve problems I think. Does anyone know why this is happening?

the only way to fix nerve pain that don't go away is surgery I would go get it checked out and see what they say

I have a pinched nerve in my shoulder.... its only mild but it hurts does anyone know of anyway to get rid it?

You can treat the pinched nerve by gently massaging the painful area with oil, and undergo physiotherapy.