Does anyone know a joke "Wikipedia" style site like Uncyclopedia?

Answer http://wiqipedia.orgWiqipedia - The Fake Encyclopedia

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Does Anyone Know A Site Like YouTube?

heres a big list of site like Youtube(video sharing sites) GodTube.comGoFish.comGoogleVideo.comiFilm.comime... Read More »

Does anyone know the website address for the site thats like you tube but xrated?

Does anyone know if there is a site like or reverse image search please?

Yes, Google Images has that…

Does anyone know of any online encyclopdias, like Wikipedia, that are suitable for school children?

An interesting question.I've found some not-very-good ones in the past.Often, I've found, it's best to find individual websites for something of interest.There are search engines like www.yahookids... Read More »