Does anyone know a great website for authentic Mexican recipes?

Answer to add to all those urls given above, there are many Mexican recipes can be found at as well, such as recipes for:MEXICAN PICO DE GALLO, MEXICAN GUACAMOLE MEXICAN BURRITOS, ME... Read More »

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Need Authentic British Recipes?…The more bland, the more generally acceptable.

How to Make Authentic Mexican Guacamole?

Much of what passes for Guacamole in the US is far from the authentic Mexican spread. South of the border, this delicious concoction is dolloped onto steak and chicken, added to Fajitas and Carnita... Read More »

Name of plant used in authentic Mexican salsa?

My favorite salsa has Cilantro, tomate, cebolla, ajo, pimiento verde, poco de sal. Cilantro, tomato, onion, garlic, green pepper, alittle salt.

How to Make an Authentic Mexican Mojito?

A Mexican mojito keeps the minty characteristics of its Cuban cousin but uses white tequila instead of light rum.