Does anyone know a free and good antivires scanner ?

Answer AVG Anti-Virus

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Does anyone know a very good free pc app or tool to listen to live police scanner?

Depends on what mobile OS you are asking for. If for iPhone, you can search the app store. If for android, search Google Play. A good one that I have heard about is the 5-0 scanner app.

Anyone know a good free virus scanner>>?

here are the 2 best and used by programmers,, i know,,

Does anyone know of a good spyware scanner?

Here are some useful links to help you:- SPY BOT SEARCH AND DESTROYMalware Cleaner, ANTI-SPY WARE…I us... Read More »

Does anyone know a good keylogger scanner/detector?

According to what I've read, antivirus programs are pretty much useless because keyloggers (and RATs - Remote Access Trojans) fall into the spyware category. Read More »