Does anyone know a commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer that makes Tortilla steamers for making burritos?

Answer take a pan put it upsidedown on your stove and put anotherone on top of it heat it up then get a water mister and mist the tortilla downput it in there for 25 seconds and waalaa

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How do I clean commercial kitchen equipment?

Big EquipmentDisassemble large pieces--such as blenders and slicers--at the end of the day and clean all parts. Slicers used for raw meat must be cleaned and sanitized with a solution of 10 percent... Read More »

Who makes Scunci Steamers?

The Scünci® Steamer is manufactured by Scünci® International, known mainly for their hair accessories line. Steamers sold during recognized late-night and early-morning infomercials for As Seen... Read More »

How do I identify a kitchen faucet manufacturer?

On the Faucet DeckLook for a manufacturer name stamped on the kitchen faucet. Generally, you can find it on the faucet deck directly under the water spout. The stamp is usually very small, so you m... Read More »

What year did the Chevrolet automobile manufacturer begin making the Corvette?

The year was 1953. According to, the Chevrolet Corvette went into production on June 30 of that year. A concept of the car was first shown at the 1953 New York Auto Show. Following rave... Read More »