Does anyone kno wut ROFL stands for?

Answer It is Rolling on Floor Laughing.If you want a list of internet slang, you can find them on the link below.Hope that helps =)

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Does anyone know what HD in terms of a television stands for?

High Definition - it projects images at a higher resolution than standard TV, but only if the signal is broadcast in HD...HDTV is defined as 1080 active lines, 16 x 9 aspect ratio in ITU-R BT.709. ... Read More »

Does anyone know what the L stands for on an automatic gearbox?

Low gear.This is normally only on a CVT-type automatic transmission, which doesn't have fixed gears (although some now have fake fixed gears to allow a manual mode, eg. Audi Multitronic, Fiat, MG).... Read More »

What does"ROFL"mean?

ROFL is an internet acronym. The full phrase is "Rolling on the Floor Laughing". The same phrase is also sometimes expressed as ROTFL. It conveys the idea of laughing very hard.Source:Computer Hop... Read More »

What does"ROFL"mean in texting?

ROFL is shorthand in texting and instant messaging for "rolling on the floor laughing." Texting shorthand saves time and space when sending a text or instant message. Often, texting shorthand takes... Read More »