Does anyone kno how pass a drug test in 10days other than vinegar?

Answer First, stop smoking or whatever for the next ten days. If you're talking about pot, spare yourself the vinegar--it tastes awful, and it doesn't work.Lots of cranberry juice is good,Go to Read More »

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Does drinking a bottle of vinegar make you pass a drug test?

i seriously doubt it. not to mention the fact that it would change the acidity level in your stomach and make you very ill.

Does drinking water, apple cider vinegar, and cranberry juice help pass a drug test?

There is no "method" for passing a drug test. It is a complete fallacy.The only thing that works is to not do drugs.Many tests show masking agents now, which is what you are doing with the suppose... Read More »

How long does it take for cannabis to leave your body to pass a drug test?

For an urine or blood drug test, THC metabolites [the active ingredient in marijuana] show up for a period of 28 to 30 days after the last time you smoked. If a hair sampling drug test is done, it ... Read More »

How long does it take after I smoke marajuana to be able to pass a saliva drug test?

It depends on how muc you smoke, in some cases 2 weeks in others a month or ever 3 months if you smoke a lot.