Does anyone here work for Friendly's?

Answer OH MY GOSH!!!! I was born & raised in Columbus, Oh. However, my mom's from Springfield, MA & as a child I used to go the Friendly's on I believe it was State Boston Road. I used to love their sunda... Read More »

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Does anyone on here work from home?

Do your research, find a company that needs something you can offer, then pitch it to them.As strange as it sounds, that is what I did ...

Has anyone HERE ever done the Liver Cleanse & Does it really work?

I did the liver cleanse 5 times in 4 years. I have a very "lazy" gallbladder. I used to have migraines every other day, or one week in a row, tinnitus, and not to mention I was scheduled for surge... Read More »

Does anyone here like CSI i cant seem to find anyone who does anymore?

Yes love CSI and CSI NY but am not so keen on CSI miami. Also love criminal minds and Law and order sv.

Does anyone here on Y/A do any cooking?

I haven't posted recipes here for quite long because I didn't have much time to cook recently.I usually post what I have tried or I'm familiar with and I modify my recipes whenever I re-post them h... Read More »