Does anyone here believe in natural health cures/remedies Why or why not?

Answer i very much believe in healing the body as a whole and resolving a persons ailments from the source and not simply bandaiding the symptoms with prescription and over the counter medications ......... Read More »

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Has anyone here every rejuevenated. I mean went from poor health to radiant health?

yeah hun sure i have ........... i looked like i had one foot in the grave 2 short years ago ...... and that was 5 years after i ditched all the alcohol ...... even 12 months later when i'd finally... Read More »

Does anyone here like CSI i cant seem to find anyone who does anymore?

Yes love CSI and CSI NY but am not so keen on CSI miami. Also love criminal minds and Law and order sv.

Does anyone believe in the bohemian grove?

Yes, it's in the woods north of San Francisco. There are websites about this secret a Google search. They do some weird stuff.

Does anyone here have TMJ?

OK Ghee is right and I will tell you why.The most common cause of TMJ is a misalignment of the base of the skull ( called the occiput) and the top of the neck. This misalignment causes your head to... Read More »