Does anyone have the best hangover treatment?

Answer Drink crap loads of water before you go to bed as a preventative which helps rehydrate you!!!!!! and Vegemite on toast, hair of the dog. and the most important one is TIME!!!

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Hangover who knows a good hangover cure?

Can a hospital refuse treatment based on their assumption that the patients insurance will not cover treatment?

Answer If it is a life threating emergency no hospital can refuse treatment. Even if you are a adult and go to a children's hospital. They must stabalize you then they can tansfer you. Non-profit h... Read More »

Patrick Swayze has sworn off the chemo in favor of a new treatment; what is this "New Treatment"?

Does a cancer patient have the right to refuse treatment without fearing forced treatment?

Yes.In fact its vest to refuse treatment from the mainstream meducal profession, and seek an alternative treatment. There are many cures available.Read this report. Read More »