Does anyone have regular neck/shoulder pain and what do you do to sooth it?

Answer You probably have wrong position either where you are siting and working longer periods or generally wrong posture. Please lay on the floor with your legs in 90 degree on the chair. This relax all... Read More »

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Iv just burnt my fingers .. what can i do to sooth the pain?

run your hand under cold water for twenty minutes... if it is still hurting call the doctor and see what he has to say... =]hope it gets better soon=]also DON'T do what Ian M says... if you read th... Read More »

What is the vein that is increasing in size with sharp pain during regular useage?

A ruptured tympanic membrane (aka - a burst ear-drum) will drain pus and mucus from the middle ear until the hole within the tympanic membrane has sealed over. Therapy usually involves antibiotic e... Read More »

My wife just saw a fmly practitionor since her regular OB was out. She thinks she might have a cracked rib. The doc prescribed codeine to help w pain. Is this OK to take with 28 wks into preg?

Answer She should go to the doctor do not try to treat this at home just in case it is something more severe it can be diagnosed and treated properly at the doctors office or hospital if you try t... Read More »

How can I sooth my sore throat?

Gargle with luke warm water,with a spoon of table salt added to one wud not only soothe ur throat but will also heal any infections with its fomentation effect.....try it,its miraculous.