Does anyone have any tips for applying nail varnish?

Answer Make sure your nails are free of oils before you start. You may want to wipe them with a smidge of varnish remover to start.Use a clear basecoat to prevent staining, then apply two coats of color,... Read More »

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Can nail varnish be removed?

Nail varnish, polish, or stain, can be removed. Use acetone to rub or soak the varnish and keep wiping until it is gone. If some varnish remains, use hydrogen peroxide to remove what is left.Source... Read More »

How to Add Sparkle to Clear Nail Varnish?

Clear nail varnish can be a little boring. Here is how to spice it up!

What color nail varnish is in fashion ?

Winter months I go with darker colors deep reds or darker pinks, purples, browns, pumpkin oranges. = )Summer bright color Pinks, soft reds, Peaches, corals, pearls. ect....That is my fashion on nai... Read More »

What colour nail varnish should I wear?

how about a matte nude colour as opposed to a pearl tone? alternatively a matte dark purple might look good as that won;t look as severe as black