Does anyone have any natural alternatives for dealing with sleeplessness?

Answer "Sleep hygiene" seems lame but you build up a tolerance (if not an addiction or habituation) to any drug you use. Watch a dog. It circles around and has a little routine before it lays down to slee... Read More »

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Anyone dealing with fibromyalgia in a healthy, natural way?

A web search for fibromyalgia + "natural remedies" in Yahoo will give you over 17,000 results.

Does anyone have any advice about dealing with a dispute with another editor on Wikipedia on a page(s)....?

What Megan meant by "move on" was to forget about the whole thing.Personally, if you are sure you are correct then I'd pen a dispute with Wikipedia. The information the site should be correct as it... Read More »

Does anyone have any ideas for a u.s. government dealing with military policy its supposed to last 5mins?

After the first punch was thrown, it was on! The time for "policy" changes is BEFORE the first punch...not afterward.

Herbal/ Natural Solution for dealing with Anxiety?

I answered a similar question a few days ago this is what i stated.NIACIN defiantly niacin. I have heard a lot about it working for depression and anxiety so try it out its vitamin B3 go to a healt... Read More »