Does anyone have any idea why I get super hot after I eat my evening meal?

Answer I would call your primary care provider and explain to him/her what you told us, in fact, print out this page and allow them to READ it........As an RNP, I would check your TNF-a (Tumor Necrosis Fa... Read More »

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I have a super idea for an invention, but I don't have the money to get it out there. Can anyone help?

I know this is a vague answer, but:

Some medicines ask you to "take with meal". Does that mean taking it in the middle of meal or after?

It means you can't take it in an empty stomach, I used to work in the hospital and when it was prescribed as such we gave the patients a small snack if it wasn't time for a large meal just to keep ... Read More »

Does anyone have an idea of a nice club name?

Our Library has something like this, They actually had a contest to name it...The rules were of course, nothing vulgar, has to be a mature to word name that fits in the theme of a Teen Space.My ide... Read More »

Does anyone have a good idea for a non-alcoholic drink for x-mas?

Iced fruit in little pieces (kiwi, watermelon, blueberries,etc), with ginger ale or sprite and a slice of lemon for decoration.