Does anyone have any good recipes for goat?

Answer Haz.She eats vile, thick yellow stuff with bits of pickled cauliflower - and dog biscuits.If anyone knows how to correctly fillet a goat, it's our lass from Liverpool.

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Any good recipes using TOFU or SEITAN Or any good vegetarian recipes in general?

I've been a vegetarian for 12 years. There's ALOT of good recipes out there, just experiment! And if you find a recipe you don't like, don't give up!! Check out these websites. There's a lot of u... Read More »

There is a car behind 1 of 3 doors and a goat behind each of the other 2 you point to one and open another that is a goat. do you stick with the door you have or change to win the car?

Yes at least 7-8 times.5 of them with the lasers and censors,2-3 times with the rings and water pistols.9 according to wiki

Are goat-milk shampoo bars good?

On One Hand: They're Not BadGoat-milk shampoo bars are processed using goat's milk instead of, as their producers claim, unnatural or "harsh" chemicals. On a practical level, goat-milk shampoo bar... Read More »

The Good Things Goat's Milk Soap Does for the Skin?

Many people prefer handmade soaps over commercial ones for various reasons. Commercial soaps can be harmful, especially to those with sensitive skin issues. Making or purchasing your soap handmade ... Read More »