Does anyone have any funny youtube video ideas for me and my friends?

Answer Well, my friend nad I were going to do one. We are YouTube experts (cough, cough). But I guess it wouldn't be that much of a joke, because one of my videos got 31,000 views and one of hers got 3,00... Read More »

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Does anyone know what this funny Youtube video is?

Dude you gotta watch "Willy WIlly Bum Bum" - SO FUNNY- and search up Remi Gaillard he is pretty funny. Also check out ownagepranks.

Anyone know a funny youtube video?

Try the "failblog" channel. This is real people failing at life.Or "man in a box", sketch comedy performed in an office space.

Ideas for a funny youtube video?

make a spoof of star anything, whats she interested in? she could rant about things she dont like or review some stuff

Funny Youtube Video Ideas :)?

I'm like you...but I got nothing either. I think "Just be ye self." Doesn't create ideas. First of all....everyone loves a good prank. You could become a prank master. I love pranks...soo....Anyway... Read More »