Does anyone have any EMBARASSING STORIES!!?

Answer well not really about anything like that but,My brothers girlfriend at the time, got jealous because i was talking to him. She walks up to me and was like "you whore, stay away from my boyfriend, i... Read More »

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Any embarassing period stories?

Once I was in bed with a girl when she had one. She was really embarrassed, and I thought she was going to start crying, so I thought I had better defuse the situation.I said, "Good Lord, I've been... Read More »

Teens, embarassing funny stories!?

I sent a pretty explicit text message to my boyfriend (now fiance), but in French. However, one key word was the same in both languages, so I figured he'd just go to an online translator.Turns out... Read More »

This is really embarassing...PLEASE serious help?

First of cannot return sex toys to any store, any where. They are 100% not allowed to take returns. So don't worry that someone used it & returned it. It could be an allergic reaction..... Read More »

Embarassing things you would do for fun?

Ok...lets spice up this scavenger hunt a little bit.I assume you are both female??? If there are guys on both teams, have one of the males go up to a female and ask for a tampon. If it is just fem... Read More »